Architectural Plans and Design

Architectural Plans

If you’re thinking of changing the layout of your house, taking down some walls to open up your kitchen, adding a room, converting a garage or even just building a patio cover than you need a plan. In order to be able to obtain a permit, not to mention start getting accurate bids on your remodeling project you will need a plan showing details and specification on how this should be done properly per your local city codes and regulations. Here at Pearl Remodeling, we offer “In House” drafting services and complete architectural and engineering plans done by Licensed registered professionals.

Benefits: Most Architects don’t pay attention to the cost involved in executing their design. As general contractors we will provide you with the best advice on how to design your house not only to make it loo k better but also in a way that will save you money during construction. Moderna Remodeling Remodeling to plan your upcoming project you will also eliminate many possible miscommunications and human errors making us your one stop shop for the project.


Planning and Design

Successful project start with a good plan

Design Services

So here’s the thing, many of our clients like to design their own home and yes, some of them do have good taste but there’s a huge difference between good and amazing.

Our designer is a top rated interior designer with award winning prizes in both commercial and residential fields. One of her first breakthroughs was through designing stores for Westfield shopping centers, GGP and Simon. After a major decision to start her own family, she decided to camp right here  and focusing in residential properties but not only.

Let us take the headache off your shoulders, Let us design the perfect space, let us walk you hand in hand searching for the perfect flooring, plumbing fixtures and doors, let us bring you better design and construction results.

Delivering Exceptional Home Remodeling Services

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